Bathroom Remodeling – Creating A Revolutionary Concept

With the world’s focus is on personal rejuvenation through holistic means, more people are looking at different ways to improve themselves both physically and mentally through various holistic practices. One such practice has been found to be that of improving one’s bathroom space through various techniques and products. This includes products like the Bath Planet Bath Remodel. The Bath Planet Bath Remodel is a unique concept in the area of bathroom remodeling. This product is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, who along with his team have spent years creating a revolutionary concept for Bath Planet Baths located all around the world.

What makes this concept so unique is the fact that it utilizes a line of products that can do more than just make a bath. These products, when used together, can actually expand the available space in a bathtub and even enlarge it. Some of the items included in the Bath Planet kit include tub slides, water fountains, wall panels, toilet islands, and a floor to ceiling walkway, just to name a few. Some of the products are optional and some of them are mandatory. Either way, these products make a world of difference in any bathroom.

In many ways, Dr. Teitelbaum and his team did a great job designing a bathroom that could be utilized even if it was an older home. Bathrooms of this caliber would have been too small to accommodate a bath in them in the past. But, with the help of this company, this dream could become a reality. Now when people in this household see their favorite television shows, they are able to immerse themselves totally in one of these luxurious bathrooms. They can relax, soak in the warm water, and watch their favorite show whenever they want.

The Bath Planet kits have been very popular in Europe and Australia and they are now beginning to take off in the United States. This company now has stores located in California, Arizona, New York, and Florida. They also offer a huge selection of options on the Web site. They understand that not everyone lives with a large back yard and this is why they offer a thirty day money back guarantee. If they are still having trouble finding the space for one of their products, they will make the changes to accommodate your needs.

For those who are concerned about space in their bathroom, fear not. The Bath Planet website touts a bathroom that is larger than most sinks, tubs, and toiletries cabinets. The reason for this is the Bath Planet’s Space Pillow. The space pillow is made from space age fabric and fits perfectly on the top of any basin or vanity.

Those who are worried about the price of these accessories, fret not. You can even order your very own Space Pillow on the Bath Planet’s Web site and have it shipped directly to your house. Although the prices might seem high, at least you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank and you can find the right products that would best suit your bathroom.

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